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About Momos

Momo is a traditional delicacy popular in Tibet and the adjacent Himalayan regions like Nepal, Bhutan and India. With the advent of globalisation, this popular dish has left its delicious imprint on the palates of food lovers worldwide.

The recipe itself is actually quite straightforward. It's simple handmade dumpling with meat or vegetable filling that is either steamed, fried or served in soup. However, it is the preparation i.e. the seasoning and freshness of ingredients that varies from restaurant to restaurant! Therefore, the taste and freshness of one plate of momo can be very different from another!

At #NomadTibetanRestaurant, we pride ourselves on always serving freshly made momos with the best ingredients and the right kind of seasoning that appeals to your tastebuds!

Come enjoy our delicious and freshly prepared #NomadMomos at #NomadTibetanRestaurant !

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#NomadMomos #NomadTibetanRestaurant

P.S. We thank Don Farber @ for his wonderful photos.

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