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May 12, 2017

Shabakleb or Shabalay (with "lay" version being a mispronunciation of "leb") is the Tibetan interpretation of a delicacy commonly found in most cultures which is prepared by filling folded dough with delicious stuffings. Calzone and Empanada are its Italian and Spanish cousins.

What sets the Tibetan version apart from its international siblings is that meat is the main ingredient used to make the stuffing for Shabaklebs. Of course, Shabakleb filling can also be made with vegetables and cheese. However, if meat isn't its main ingredient, the delicacy won't be able to justify its appellati...

May 12, 2017

Laphing is a popular spicy street dish usually made from cold mung bean or potato starch. The starch is blended with water and then boiled and stirred until reaches the right consistency. Once it does, it is poured into containers to cool and set into jelly sheets.

Once cool and set, these slippery jelly sheets are then either cut into thick strips, thin slices or cubes and garnished with crushed dried chilli, hint of mouth tingling Sichuan peppercorns, cilantro, green onion, soy sauce, chilli oil and garlic water. The addition of the mouth tingling Sichuanese peppercorns in this dish be...

February 20, 2017

The word Mo-Thuk is a portmanteau formed by combining two words - "Mo" from "Momo" (Dumpling) and "Thuk" from "Thukpa" (Noodle Soup). Mo-Thuk, as the name suggests, is a soupy dish comprising traditional Tibetan hand wrapped dumplings or momos served in a delicious (often meat based) broth. A quick glance at the dish gives an illusion that the dumplings are floating in the broth. That's why, sometimes, it's often called "Swimming Momo" by westerners.

Nothing can beat the wonderful taste of juicy dumplings served in a bowl of warm soup on cold winter evenings. The flavour of the delicious...

February 9, 2017

Momo is a traditional delicacy popular in Tibet and the adjacent Himalayan regions like Nepal, Bhutan and India. With the advent of globalisation, this popular dish has left its delicious imprint on the palates of food lovers worldwide.

The recipe itself is actually quite straightforward. It's simple handmade dumpling with meat or vegetable filling that is either steamed, fried or served in soup. However, it is the preparation i.e. the seasoning and freshness of ingredients that varies from restaurant to restaurant! Therefore, the taste and freshness of one plate of momo can be very diff...

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